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29 apr. 2012

The secret place...

Psalm 91 is one of the most-often read of all the psalms. It is also one of the least understood as many don’t take the time to truly think about what it means to “dwell in the secret place of the Most High.”
“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” (Psalm 91:1)

Ask yourself these questions: Are you at home in God, at rest in Him? Are you acquainted with Him throughout your whole being? Is your heart-work the service of God? Do you worship within the veil, loving to be alone with Him and converse with Him in solitude?

Marriage between a man and woman has two faces—one that is seen in public and one that is perceived only in private between the husband and wife. A married couple holding hands, walking arm-in-arm, exchanging winks or touches … all these are “public” faces of a marriage relationship, all good and necessary though superficial and not intimate by definition. But, that which takes place in the “secret place” need not be spoken of, but the fruit of the intimate relationship can be seen without any word of public testimony.

Have you found that place of true intimacy with the Lord? Do you love being alone with Him, conversing with Him, sharing with Him, learning from Him? Have you learned to set aside some quiet, alone time to be in His presence where an intimate relationship can develop and grow?

Father, although our relationship has grown and blossomed since I first met You, I long for a deeper, more intimate relationship with You! I long to find that “secret place” where I can dwell and find my safety under the shadow of Your wing! Lord, help me love You more, know You more, serve You more! Lord, help me surrender to You more and more each day, that our relationship can be seen and perceived by all who meet me without ever having to say a word! Father, be glorified in our relationship today and every day! Amen!

27 apr. 2012

Protecting our children...

Don't take for granted that just because you are in church , a relative's home or some where you think is safe, that satan does not have his minions roaming around looking for a willing heart to do his biding, because he does and he Never stops trying to take our children!

In Jesus' name, I PRAY for our children 

Be Careful who you leave your children with, And who you bring around your children!
If someone in your family makes You uncomfortable, Then do not leave them alone with your children!

The parents or other adults Need to Speak up for the Children instead of worrying about how others will see and treat them If they Speak up!
Mess will have to be faced when We Speak the Truth!

That is what TRUTH does, It cuts through the crap and reveals what has been hidden!
And think about How your Children will look at you, and treat you if you Don't Speak up for them and Protect them--Like We as Parents Are Supposed to!
Jesus Will hold us as parents accountable for what we allow to happen to the children He gave us!

Satan Is Always after the children, he is always stalking through schools, families, anywhere children are, looking for the people who Will allow him to work through them to being harm to the children!

It Is Imperative that we Protect our families especially the children from the evil that satan creates to take them away from the Plans of God for them. He is always attacking the children because he knows many of them have be touched by God to grow up to be Leaders for God. All through history satan (the anti-christ) has created situations in which the children are killed, hurt, stolen, and used in perverted ways.

Our enemy uses parents to pimp their children in all kinds of ways that 'seem' good, but are not. Pushing our children to dress, speak, and act in adult ways under the guise of entertainment. Some parents see the child has a talent of singing or playing a sport, etc... and they PUSH them too hard to succeed, PUSH them into the ways of the world to succeed by the worlds standards not God's standards. In the midst of the parents worldly motives, the devil steals their childhood, the child is placed around molesters, alcoholics and druggies or others who are pimping them for material gain.

If your child has talents and gifts, the devil did Not give them to the children, God did, and it makes Perfect sense to Go To God and ask Him what are the best ways to grow, mature, and guide the children in their gifts and talents. They are to be used for God's glory not to glorify satan.
Too many parents run right to the ways of the world to do this, and thus lose their children to the depths of evil.

These parents are blinded by money, fame, selfishness, and social popularity status and the child is lost, having no spiritual foundation to Stand on or fall back on.

I PRAY in the Name of Jesus, that parents will pay attention and Protect their children from family members, family friends and strangers who make them feel uncomfortable, Protect them from those in their family they KNOW are molesters but no one speaks about it.

I PRAY that parents pray for their children in the name of Jesus and Cover them in the Blood of Jesus to be His and keep a watchful eye on them. Protect them from the drunks and druggies in the family, that they do all they can to feed their children, to clothe them, to put them first as a priority. To make sure that their children to not hurt other children.

I PRAY that parents Turn to God In the name of Jesus and ask Him for the Help they need to raise and take care of the children He has blessed us all with! To ask God what His Plans for each child are and to Help with raising them to achieve what God has for them. Protect them from the motives and false ways of this world. To explain the differences in following the world or the Lord.

I PRAY that parents daily COVER their children in PRAYER and ask God to help guide them in the Ways best to raise them, what to expose them to that will better the children and strengthen their relationship with Jesus so they also have a Spiritual foundation with God.

I PRAY parents pull themselves and their children Away from pagan alters and Establish an altar in their hearts that belongs to God In the name of Jesus. Guarding them in PRAYER, Instructing them and disciplining them, DECLARING that the children belong to God and Are Taught about God and His Son Jesus and to serve and worship Him Only is the Best for their lives.

In the name of Jesus, Amen. So Be It!

woman's daybook entry 5


early in the morning..rain rain and more rain..woke up to drink some coffee and .thinking about my family and God...its kind of cold today 


thinking about this quote...


family .. they support you no matter what...i thank God for my husband and son...that loves me just the way i are.....are more but this is what came up on my mind this morning


my pyamas...looking at the rain..


pans and some pots huub bought...


vintage coffee cup


a have my peace with God...


my bible...


remembering my mom mother's day is coming up...and she was one people on earth i could talk to..



for the rapture...that God finally revealed his truth to all people..who sadly deny him is not once safed always safed...told huub wish he come soon enough..


the tic tic of rain on the window...





i noticed most people reject jesus and the gosphel but when life gets hard and they dont find the way...they seek for christians for advice...but the thruth is Jesus is the only way!




Dutch Queen Beatrix waves at the crowd during celebrations of Queens day, the anniversary of Queen Beatrix,  in Makkum, the Netherlands, 30 April 2008. The royal family is visiting the Frisian villages Makkum and Franeker today.  EPA/ROBIN UTRECHT

queen's day on monday...30 ... not interested in all this party stuff...will be busy at all provinces here in holland...but wanted to go to the free market to check some yard sales and come home back...and wanted to make some pictures for my blog.

.if i get the i just so much people in town..that i will see...otherwise staying home...i wonder with queens son friso in coma after the accident in germany...she will have to accomplished her tasks but her heart if heavy..with the condition of her son..prayers for the family...


“Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart” (1 Sam. 16:7).

25 apr. 2012

wednesday morning thoughts...entry 10


Dividers, Animated Dividers, Hello My Friend,  Keefers

Good morning all friends..finally im here again...after finding out that on wednesday the pc makes a automatically update...wich i came up with the word i always say ....our patiences are being tested over and over again..the internet is being soooo slow and i download pictures with a lot of trouble...

you might ask yourself what i am up to...these days...well waiting glady  the month of fix my backyard and front in the summer we can enjoy some time with the family and that it be finished for the we getting old we cant... keep grass and that kind of gardening but i love home decorations..all of it...its a part of a woman...

 i had a ???.... with someone at work wich  i was amazed that the lord give me the patiences and wisdom to handle that..was my sister in the lord and coworker...we all have a bad day...but still the lord show me that i have to pray for her and love her...speaking about agape love !

this post seems little strange but huub and i were talking about agape love...only jesus had that...its difficult...really difficult...not letting our emotions speak...and instead just do what God ask ..but im learning that..

i have being dealing with an issue here...
people ask me the whole time (singel christian ladys ) how do i now when a man is send from God to be your husband ?

have you experienced this ?

You met someone that is
 truthful, open and honest. He takes you out to dinner and doesn't expect anything in return and makes all the right noises about his interest in being committed. 

 how can you tell when you've really picked the right guy?

Read on:

some men who wants to marry you by Date 2. if he is so  anxious to be married, don't you think he is the one ? , most men who start out very intensely burn out very quickly. After all, you don't think you are the only one he's ever been that crazy about, do you? Settle instead for someone who calls, texts or emails you a reasonable number of times. And one who has reasonable expectations of your relationship. Allow your relationship to begin at a slower pace and develop naturally - this will help it to last.

Okay, he makes a lot of money, money isnt a reason to marry a man..even a man that works and take care of his family is the best... but he hasn't always made a lot of money. And he probably wasn't always the most fiscally responsible person in the world. So don't let him lead you to believe otherwise. Also, he's done both good and bad in his past, so be on the lookout if he colors all his stories in his favor. Look for someone he gives you a fair and balanced re-telling of past struggles, issues or relationships. And, speaking of relationships:

 He doesn't blame his last girlfriend for all of their problems.

If he begins his stories about his ex with phrases like, 'she mistreated me', 'she was no good', 'I tried to make it work, but she refused to try', or 'she was nothing but a manipulator', run far, far away! As previously mentioned, he has done both good and bad in his past. And this goes double for anything he did in his last relationship. She may not have been perfect, but he definitely wasn't either. There are three sides to every story - his side, her side and the truth. Try to find someone who gets as close to the 'truth' as possible.

 He's consistent.

Remember how he used to call you five times a day? It's okay if it goes down to once or twice (a day), but once or twice a week? That's something to worry about. And don't accept the excuse that he all of a sudden doesn't have time. Somehow, he found time before, right? It takes two minutes to place a phone call, send an email or text message. Hold him accountable. But, on the flip side, if he only called you once or fewer times per day, don't expect him to start calling three or four times a day now. Observe his original pattern. Learn it. And see how close (or how far) he strays from it. There are few things worse than inconsistency in someone of whom you have greater epxectations.

. His actions follow his words.

This goes two ways: he doesn't make promises he doesn't intend to keep and he does what he says he's going to do. He doesn't promise to spend more time with you this weekend if he knows he's going to be tied up in meetings. And he remembers to bring you a cheeseburger from McDonald's on his way home from work (like he said he would). Don't trust a man that constantly breaks his promises or makes promises he doesn't keep.

This is my short and sweet list, but feel free to comment and let me know of other traits that I'm sure to have missed! I'm also interested in hearing success stories from others who have found 'the one'.

21 apr. 2012

Stunting Your Spiritual Growth

Ever wonder why you find it so hard to grow in God? 

Do you ever feel frustrated by your level (or lack) of spirituality? I can't give you all the reasons you might not be growing in God, but I can definitely point out one: You.

If you've been a Christian for any length of time, you know how hard it is to 'go through'. How hard it can be to face trial after trial, tribulation after tribulation. 

How long sleepless nights lead to long empty days until you finally feel you've HAD ENOUGH! That if this 'season' wasn't over, it was definitely time for it to be over. So you take matters into your own hands.

You begin to pray a little less. And hang out with your friends a little more. Or watch a little more tv. 
Anything to avoid doing what you need to do: spend more time with God. Get through these circumstances. Spiritually grow.

I find that many of us cut off our spiritual growth in one of two ways. We either begin to neglect our spiritual activities (prayer, Bible study, meditation and fasting) or throw ourselves into physical activities to avoid thinking about those things.

 Our bodies (or our flesh) can operate in direct opposition to God in many ways, and we often pursue physical activity in order to avoid the things of God. You know what I mean - you start to eat a little more or tv becomes oh so appealing suddenly. 

Here's a sad truth to all that activity: you can delay, but you cannot deny. You can avoid what God is trying to tell you, detour from your trial or tribulation, but it is never going to go away.

Until you deal with what is required of you, you will have to re-visit that territory again and again - until you get it right.

So next time you find yourself in a tough spot, learn to bear it. Go through what you have to go through, cry when you need to cry and....get past it. God truly designs trials to bring out the best in us, so be assured that the 'you' that waits on the other side of the circumstances will be well worth the pain you had to go through to get there!

20 apr. 2012

woman's daybook entry 4


a quiet friday afternoon...when you read this shall be later but im writing right now 
at 18:24 hours...thats 6:24 ...getting a little dark they predicted rain hope that tonight
rain...the sound of rain is peacefull to sleep


how God bless us thrue other people...four houses further a old coworker of huub move in and
was fixing his backyard porch and huub and him got in this conversation ..and he just
give huub these blocks..(dont now the name in inglish.) as  i told in my old posts
we going to fix the front and you see the fence need some painting too
thinking that God blesses us with little things...
im all exciting...thank you God..


for the grace of God upon my life every and each day..


my inside slippers...need a new pair next week...they are comfortable


huub's coffee cup espresso pads coffee cream and sugar free sweetened


books pen ...agenda capuccino and glasses..


huub is making some espresso for both of us...having a relaxing friday 


iedere dag met god (every day with God )
pastor david maasbach..he is going to be in town dont now precisly were


good and bad times...sometimes i get into this memories about my life back in  santo domingo 



really ? im hoping for a lot of things...God nows


rain rain and more rain...



well i have many cooking is one of them trying new recipees



changing some stuff at home...


en arnhem holanda .. un parque de el viejo holanda.. bellisimo!!

 at openlucht museaum in arnhem...a park with old dutch life style
its very nice...!