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29 mrt. 2012

reflections entry 2

Thursday morning....

The sun arise early now the weather has change...its really spring time... can noticed that in everything  people are more sitting in the backyard....gardening barbecue...neighborhs fixing their porch...a lot is going on these days...

have being working and after work...going to some appointments come home like at 6 in the afternoon little late thank God huub has made dinner for me...just doing nothing only relaxing the evening is short...cause have to go to bed early but trying to enjoy my spouse.

im at home decided to get on my school proyect...i think you called it like that in inglish...have to make a report about what kind of work i do and what is going on the floor i work.. i have ask God to help me...after listening to some people explaining about their work...i thought well im just going to be me...

the teacher told me not to worry just do it my own i decided to hand write everything i now and then type it and print it with a nice picture...and in a map...have to think a lot its not my language something is speaking dutch other is giving a

im so inspired...i just love going back to school its at work it dont affect my day...after we do this report we saved in a map and at the end of the year...they will be analizing  and give us points for..and our certificate..

i did do the informatica already...(computers) but want to study a little more..and might have to pay it myself..but it isnt that expensive..i might get a better job...asking the lord to work less thats on my prayer list...i dont like to complain  about something i now i have responsabilities.. and i cant do anything about it only pray ....but i dont have energy all the time.

want to stay at home and do other things...i now the lord will help me...its for my family...i try to enjoy every moment i can...we dont now untill when we will be on earth and with our love ones..

 i had a good wednesday...thinking about my son...a lot...i have this problem that i always have to tell him something and he doesnt like..when i correct him..but at the age of 24 what can a boy possibly now about life? even i talk in the love he doesn't understand so huub told me not to say anything more mothers we have to sometimes...ok..i will let go ...let God...

we are not responsible for our family  or children's  behavior i now that now...still we want the best for them cause we have being their already...i guess they have to learn from  their own mistakes..

will be posting pictures maybe later on...from my day saturday at the mall...about the blog.. well this is what i can  well people are not posting that much these days... they might being im not really in to that ...just relaxing... sometimes its all fun others is all quiet..

we dont now whats going on in people's just pray that God  help others  in everyone needs..was talking with my coworker (christian) and told her we must stay in the love  so much as we can...even i must say this...

the enemy doesnt i told her we have to stay in the love...everyday over and over again wich isnt easy...all the time...i get into situations that i ask myself...but lord i didnt say anything??? what is going on??? ...its difficult for both of us to work there...

for her too..many people at work are the whole time angry and irritated...i try not to see that..and not letting...anger or sadness come into my heart...its not good for any one...and situations dont change like that...and im sure the lord put my sister in christ there or let me say he put us together there for some reason...i do see it like that

my coworker told me she was listening these days to preacher DAVID MAASBACH...he said that in the world rather you try to do good will be always critics  in what you do....but we rather do good.....cause we dont have to worry what others say or think..

.but trying to do what Gods ask us to...some times we do have  a  problem and we dont see it...and we walk around the mountain thinking we are doing good...but others see our attitudes... God is watching... by the way...david maasbach i heard will we preaching in our home town..i love to listen to this man ok......going back to the work issue..

huub has giving me a mp3 with christian music...and i have it on my ears and just in my mind sing for the lord...was little embarazed  was singing little loud cause i can hear myself...that was laughing ....

my days arent exiciting but fulfilled..God give me his peace and i give him thank ending this post...i do some reflections once a week on my blog...just a little about whats going on here..

thank you for reading...wish you a great thursday..

pictures  coming up later....

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  1. Have a beautiful day - with God how can we have anything but?
    Thank you too for stopping by my blog to have coffee with me on Monday.

  2. So many things we have to be thankful for. I thank the LORD for my sister-in-law's birthday this week. We had a great time at my niece's house for Nellie's birthday!
    GOD bless you, Susan


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