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27 apr. 2012

Protecting our children...

Don't take for granted that just because you are in church , a relative's home or some where you think is safe, that satan does not have his minions roaming around looking for a willing heart to do his biding, because he does and he Never stops trying to take our children!

In Jesus' name, I PRAY for our children 

Be Careful who you leave your children with, And who you bring around your children!
If someone in your family makes You uncomfortable, Then do not leave them alone with your children!

The parents or other adults Need to Speak up for the Children instead of worrying about how others will see and treat them If they Speak up!
Mess will have to be faced when We Speak the Truth!

That is what TRUTH does, It cuts through the crap and reveals what has been hidden!
And think about How your Children will look at you, and treat you if you Don't Speak up for them and Protect them--Like We as Parents Are Supposed to!
Jesus Will hold us as parents accountable for what we allow to happen to the children He gave us!

Satan Is Always after the children, he is always stalking through schools, families, anywhere children are, looking for the people who Will allow him to work through them to being harm to the children!

It Is Imperative that we Protect our families especially the children from the evil that satan creates to take them away from the Plans of God for them. He is always attacking the children because he knows many of them have be touched by God to grow up to be Leaders for God. All through history satan (the anti-christ) has created situations in which the children are killed, hurt, stolen, and used in perverted ways.

Our enemy uses parents to pimp their children in all kinds of ways that 'seem' good, but are not. Pushing our children to dress, speak, and act in adult ways under the guise of entertainment. Some parents see the child has a talent of singing or playing a sport, etc... and they PUSH them too hard to succeed, PUSH them into the ways of the world to succeed by the worlds standards not God's standards. In the midst of the parents worldly motives, the devil steals their childhood, the child is placed around molesters, alcoholics and druggies or others who are pimping them for material gain.

If your child has talents and gifts, the devil did Not give them to the children, God did, and it makes Perfect sense to Go To God and ask Him what are the best ways to grow, mature, and guide the children in their gifts and talents. They are to be used for God's glory not to glorify satan.
Too many parents run right to the ways of the world to do this, and thus lose their children to the depths of evil.

These parents are blinded by money, fame, selfishness, and social popularity status and the child is lost, having no spiritual foundation to Stand on or fall back on.

I PRAY in the Name of Jesus, that parents will pay attention and Protect their children from family members, family friends and strangers who make them feel uncomfortable, Protect them from those in their family they KNOW are molesters but no one speaks about it.

I PRAY that parents pray for their children in the name of Jesus and Cover them in the Blood of Jesus to be His and keep a watchful eye on them. Protect them from the drunks and druggies in the family, that they do all they can to feed their children, to clothe them, to put them first as a priority. To make sure that their children to not hurt other children.

I PRAY that parents Turn to God In the name of Jesus and ask Him for the Help they need to raise and take care of the children He has blessed us all with! To ask God what His Plans for each child are and to Help with raising them to achieve what God has for them. Protect them from the motives and false ways of this world. To explain the differences in following the world or the Lord.

I PRAY that parents daily COVER their children in PRAYER and ask God to help guide them in the Ways best to raise them, what to expose them to that will better the children and strengthen their relationship with Jesus so they also have a Spiritual foundation with God.

I PRAY parents pull themselves and their children Away from pagan alters and Establish an altar in their hearts that belongs to God In the name of Jesus. Guarding them in PRAYER, Instructing them and disciplining them, DECLARING that the children belong to God and Are Taught about God and His Son Jesus and to serve and worship Him Only is the Best for their lives.

In the name of Jesus, Amen. So Be It!

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