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8 apr. 2012

what's love?

what's love?

Nothing is more important than love
its more important than faith and hope (1 corinthian 13:13) love is what we all need the most..its the only thing gives the world hope...still its missing in a lot of people

if i have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all misteries and all knowledge, and if i have faith that can move mountains , but have no love im nothing...
1 corinthians 13:2

Love is patience
love dont boast
love hates unjustice 
love is forgiveness 

loving is not easy..
hope makes you live..but love sets you free! love covers everything

when love is present in our lifes is no room for discussions hate bitterness
jealousy..thats why Jesus spoke so much about love between each other

AGAPE the only thing set us free from selfishness our ego..Jesus said this i say to you love each other 1 john 4:18 we love because God loves us first

Love comes from God...if you dont now God en Jesus its hard to really love someone
Jesus= LOVE...

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