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9 mei 2012

my reflections entry 13

May 9....wednesday

Another day still dark its early in the morning after having a good sleep even yesterday my therapist massage my shoulder..thought would woke up with pain..but its ok... getting ready to work..always early in the morning is my best hour to pray...the peace of the morning ...i love it..

thinking also on my vacation days..which will start on 24 untill 4 june...are not much but i can use them to get things done at home

noticing also that not much people post on the blogs...dont now what is going on on people's life..but untill i can and have time i will post..when i feel i cant i will stop...

thanking God that at least i can wake up and go to work..even i wish could be more at home..

i cant get of my mind all the situations at work..which are little less now praise God! but yesterday dont now why i start to look unnoticed to all coworkers..and think..why this people just reject God? arent they affraid that some day they will stand before a sovereign God..

we pray for them for years as long as i came to now the thruth of Jesus christ...still i noticed how the enemy just play with people's life...and they think because they do good thats all..its something but what about salvation???

. A million years from now the eternal life with God, which people may presently struggle to imagine and believe in, will be very much a tangible reality. 

I firmly believe that Christ can satisfy my deepest thirst 

It’s tough staying in the will of God with our thoughts, our words, and our actions when many around us are obviously giving God no place in their lives. It’s a challenge to keep focusing on Christ when circumstances and problems demand so much of our attention.

“Satan does not fill us with hatred of God, but with forgetfulness of God.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The kingdoms of this world seem very real right now, the feast in the kingdom of God seems a distant hope but we do well to remember that Jesus says to us, “the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21) I thought I’d remind you of that!

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