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5 mei 2012

reflections entry 12


Here i am...glad because the weekend is here...having to do my home cleaning checking mails spending time with God with my husband...still happy when finally after a hard working week i can be at home the whole

was at work yesterday and when finally thought on a phone from my son that he will pick me up with the car to bring me at his home so i help him to do something..we do that for our children..seems..even they are grow up they need us all the time...i love that in a way

and last night after coming home..(he brought me) was thinking on how relationships family everything costs us something....seems to me like i only give give give and give..

still giving is something valueble more than receiving..when i think about how God uses me to influence not only my son but other seems to me of great value...

have been a very 2 hard weeks...with all kind of confrontations at work..dissapointments..rejections from people to my person..its just too much for words....but still i feel peace because i now and understand what God is doing..aleluya!

so whether its a relationship with God a friend a co worker a fellow worker at church its going to have to cost me something 

when it comes to God, jesus said..if anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me..Luke 9:23

sometimes we have to have some honest comunicating to move things back to a better balance
the reality is that i have to give as well as take..

when i start giving time my friendship my patiences my love seem costly but i will get back what i pay for..

Is has being 2 hard weeks...but i have experience God's hand thrue these though a great way!

thank you jesus..

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  1. A very nice and encouraging post.. I'll pray that you still walk on your faith.. and may the Lord increase your faith as well. Stay blessed and beautiful... btw I am going to add u


  2. Hello soraya dear! I have tried and tried to leave comments on your blog but they won't post to your blog? I hope all is well for you, my good friend!


  3. Yay Hooray! Did it really post? I hope so! For WEEKS I keep visiting and trying to give you comments but they won't go on the blog? I enjoyed your post! Much love,


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