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27 mrt. 2012

my reflections entry 1

Reflections of life

Take a look in the mirror. Look hard. What do you see?

When you first look at your reflection, you may notice the gray hairs invading at the hairline; those gray hairs that weren’t there the year prior. Maybe you notice the tiny wrinkles starting to form at the corners of your eyes. It might be the dark circles underneath your eyes that draw your attention. You are obviously another year older and another year wiser. Remember that.

A closer look will tell you those gray hairs are a reminder of the experiences you had. The maturity you have acquired. The lessons you have learned. The wrinkles around the eyes might tell you about all those times you laughed. The fun times you had. The fact that you are a happy person.

 This is just evidence and not a reason to be sad. The dark circles show you have experienced life to the fullest. You took the time and you enjoyed every possible outing you could. You stayed up late to hang out with friends and family. You worked hard and you played hard. Yes, you may be older and your body may start showing the wear and tear, but these are signs of the life that you experienced.

If you look deeper, you will notice the eyes. They will reflect your soul. They show if you are a good person or if you have had a bad year. Look even closer and you might even see the sparkle in your eye. This is your life. It is the light that keeps you going. It is the sparkle that makes you who you are.

When looking over the past year, do you think you have prospered? Has it been a good year? Did you get that raise you were hoping for? Did you have that little miracle enter your life? Did you take the time to relax and enjoy life? Did you help others? Did you do everything in your power to be the best person you could be?

Or was your year the exact opposite? Did you get fired from your job? Did you get a divorce? Was there a death in the family? Did you spend more time sick than you were healthy? Was it just a hard year?

Don’t sweat. Life is full of ups and downs. Life is meant to be learned from. If it has been a hard year, it is time to reflect on it and set goals to change. It is time to work toward your future. If it was a good year, it is time to reflect on your memories, and think about how to make this year equally as good or even better.

As the new year approaches, you are sitting at a crossroads. Based off the past year, this is your opportunity to decide your path. So as you look at your reflection, is this going to be a good year or a bad year?

Reflections of Life
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