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1 apr. 2012

childlike not childish

1 Cor. 13:11 
When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

 As this verse points out, there are three different areas in our lives where childishness shows up: the way we speak, our ability to understand things, and the way we think. Are you struggling in either of these areas, dear lady? Could it be that even though you've been saved for quite some time, you are often preoccupied with immature pursuits, still engaged in childlike behavior?

Galatians 4:3 
Even so we, when we were children, were in bondage under the elements of the world:

, God expects His children to mature; to start speaking, understanding, and thinking like a grown-up Christian.  our salvation is not the ending, but the beginning point of our life in Christ! After we are born-again, we must grow and we must lay aside "childish things"...

1 Peter 2:1 
Wherefore laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings...

 Can we  honestly say we  have weaned ourself  from these childish types of behavior le? If not, our conduct is that of an undeveloped Christian! 
A child being weaned probably feels like everything is against him, but every mother knows that is simply not true! From an adult perspective, we understand that weaning will provide the baby more liberty. 

Proverbs 22:15 
Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.

What is the real condition of our heart today ? 

1 Cor. 14:20 
Brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men.

The question is, which side of that colon does you fit us- the childlike side or the grown-up side?

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  1. I am afraid my mouth trips me up before all else. A constant struggle and I am so thankful for grace.


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