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4 apr. 2012

my thoughts today entry 3

Once a week  i put my thoughts on paper the inspiration of this post is from a conversation with a friend about changes...many times some changes are good for us...because God let us see...but others do not understand

some changes are good for us others not..but some changes makes us happy and for some reasons others are not so happy..sometimes we have to walk alone and just obey God to were he is leading us even people dont understand..

i have even lost many friends because of some changes in a positive way.i stop many friendships that were not good for me..

the thruth is that i have make many changes...that are good for changing  my attitutes to people being more tolerant being more humble ....some people who said their were my friends dont talk to me anymore doesnt mean..that it is bad...

maybe some people were not meant to be in my life i start counting my blessings instead of worrying and i keep moving and always try to be myself...not looking back i think is part of spiritual maturity..

in my walk as christian i have walk most of the time alone ...i say alone (without people) but im not alone jesus is near to me all the time..many people stop talking to me because im not doing what they believe is right..

i wasted so much time trying to figure people out...and the lord just told me you dont have to...thats my job..stay in the love...i also realize are many people are walking in the same path as i do others feel very  lonely...and not satisfied  with their lifes..even they are already safed.

i learn something..we can have our husband children friends..have it all..still my heart and soul is always wanting more from  my savior...he is the one who brought real fullfillment into my life..and because of that..i feel safed in his presence..and he gives me the strength to keep moving on

i use to be so empty before..trying to fix my own life..after i stop and just let God be God things have radically changed..i always try to see struggles in god's perspective...problems must have a reason that only God nows...he nows why?...i dont have to now why...

and if he wants me to now..he will.let me now....i remembered a preach of DAVID MAASBACH...saying that people  always seems to now what is good for us...or they  tell us wich ministry is for us..

.but if God wants us to now something he will let us now soon enough...what a big truth..God nows the heart ....were no men can see God sees...
 i am not writing this  with any arrogance....i am  just writing with a gratefull heart to God

amen to that many times i cant fith into others peoples mold..

i am who i am..i am who jesus wants me to be i am me...and i thank God for that

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