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4 apr. 2012

peacefull day at home.. entry 4

what a  beautiful view from my bedroom window..

at home since thursday last week not feeling that well i noticed that the hours are too much at work...i thank God for my job..but our body needs rest many i decided to make something good of my day...since im here untill tuesday ..

first i start to search of the thousands of picture huub has saved...deleting many..saving others...he loves photography and has bought this camera...that takes very nice pictures...but he loves to walk in the nature and take pictures..they are too much but i took some to share..

here we go..

nothing that interested...but the deeper  we walk into the forest...infront the house we can get a look to the deers...wich when they see people they just run away..

here he goes!

oh yes i forgot telling he takes pictures of the flowers to everything in the nature he find interesting and many times use to put them on google

this is a funny one...well thats his brother in christ stefan visiting us..i cought them studying the bible dont remembered that good..

isnt this one cute? i can see them all the time its such a beautiful picture mother and children

dhs...he was thin here..and looked so good and is at the boat of a brother in church..i mean of his was a sunny day we went to have fun the whole group of church

lol these friendly visitors came byee...

my humble home not fancy just simpel...after sharing pictures and organizing upstairs..huub wanted to order chinees...dont really like that but once in a while we i just put 2 plates..

here we go...a mihoen compleet and for me...a nasi goreng compleet
its really too much...but not going to eat all of we are on does some exercisiing just to keep moving..and eating normal..i do the same..not eating sweet and only 3 meals

looks yummy ! the both of us having a great time talking about future about the lord and all we have gone thrue in life...individually and how the lord brought us together..i love these moments

i dont post pictures of my home...but was such a nice day..hope it has being for you too




3 opmerkingen:

  1. indeed a beautiful view from your bedroom window! you live on a farm, or something like it?

  2. Enjoyed the pictures, hope you feel better very soon.

  3. hi i dont live on a farm but there is a farm in front the house..i love the view and the neighborhood...thank you for visiting tineke...groetjes...

    hi denise glad you enjoy the pictures..feeling much better just need some rest...thank you sweet friend for visiting ...i love your blog because is so warm...thank you..friend


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