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11 apr. 2012

my thoughts today entry 6

Rain rain and more rain...

its wednesday again...little early but has sleep enough after.... that bus card didnt work when i was checking in the bus...thank God my coworker friend and sister in me untill i got home...

so huub told me how come you came early home? i asked permission cause wanted to be home with my husband...but got this little issue..wich he helped me...we called the company and they explain to me that i have to scan the card good when im checking in otherwise  the memory  wont read it.

hope this issue wont repeat again..if you lived in holland and go to work with the now that these OV KAART is giving people a bad time

is a matter of getting use to it..

well any way

God was testing my patiences and not getting panic about everything...but staying in his peace..

 I have changed through the years. I no longer feel stress out  about some things; issues that seemed trivial in the past are now of great importance. I know God is shaping me and helping me to grow. As I come to understand Him more, concerns of the world problems . I continually strive to accurately identify each circumstance in my life and place it in the proper perspective---

If I were to self-examine each facet of my life through inner reflection, I think I would be aware of an on-going process of dimming. As I begin to understand the heart of God-- His mercy and His grace--my eyes are drawn more to Him.

He is my light.

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