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12 mei 2012

reflections entry 14

Saturday...12 may...13:14 hours

Another quiet day for me..i love saturdays cause i can have time for myself ...huub has gone to help a friend as after doing my home stuff start to work on my blog and facebook...

asking myself where are my blog friends that i have a long time i dont hear anything only from 2 or 3..hope the lord is working in you all sure he does..wanted to share today what im up to these days..

i had in mind for a long time to visit the corrie ten boom museum in (haarlem ) so now that im having free days at work..will try to pick up a day and just go...i search information on internet...i now how to go there with the train...but i inform about the opening hours...

its open from 10 in the morning untill 2:30 in the afternoon from tuesday untill saturday...and are always free voluntairs that welcome people and just give you a tour around the hiding place... one days they give the tour in inglish others in dutch...its all on the door informed

hope when i get there they give the tour in inglish for all my usa friends...but im going good equiped with my camera and cellphone to make a video and pictures...because i dont now if im aloud to make videos inside the place..

but from the outside i can...i will see what i can do...dont now what to expect..but im really exicited about it...also tomorrow is mothers day..and i think my son will visit me..hope so...will be a quiet sunday...

im sure you notice on the right side bar about the giveaway...hope you join..this is something i will be doing when the lord tells me to...right now i felt to do it...and blessed someone..

hope everyone have a blessed and happy mother's day tomorrow..and next week will make my saturdays home video as i said before.

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nice weekend everyone..

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  1. Helo my dear friend, I'm sorry I haven't been by but alot of things going on in my youngest is now going to have a baby and many other things...I hope that you are doing well. thank you for your visit I appreciate it very much...Happy Mother's day..with love Janice

  2. hi janice nice to hear from you friend thats right we all have issues going on... just keep leaning on God he is the only one who can really helps ok and i love your blog! happy mother's day to you too..and hi to your daughter..loves soraya

  3. How fun! Hope you get to take pictures! Enjoy your son on Mothers day!

  4. Happy Mother's Day...hope you have a wonderful visit with your son.


  5. Hello, Soraya ~ I am sorry I haven't been visiting very often! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and a blessed Mother's Day!! Karen

  6. Happy Mother's Day! I pray it is a good one for you!

    Matthew 6:33

  7. Happy Mother's day too you:) Your friend request button isn't showing or I would invite you on facebook. My facebook address is in the other comment I left!!

  8. Looking forward to seeing another video.


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