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7 jun. 2012

reflections entry 16

wednesday night

good evening america or other countries..

finally got the chance to enter my blog...yesterday the disk or hard disk how you call that didnt work...dear husband try and try to fixed it with other programs...didnt he has buyed a new disk wich will be in a couple of days in the mail..

gladly i have a laptop..which honest i dont understand how people can type in such a small monitor...huubs laptop is bigger..but still i prefer a

so in the mean time cant upload my own pictures..its kind of sure its possible but i dont have the time right now.

lol  you can imagine my laptop wich i got as gift from huubs mom is very i let it on before i got to work...still i thank God that the rest works...

has being raining the whole day for 2 days here... i missed some of you...who dont say much...keep the contact ok? is someone here (me) that think about you..yes really...but i do understand we all have a life and family to take care of..

if you want to talk to me just email me..its not much but i will be gladly to answer work has being very difficult for me in many areas...but each day is a new challange..i ask God give me strenght..some times we are all burned out...but jesus nows all whats going on he does and he really cares.

going to check my and going to sleep...its bedtime...loves

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  1. Just popping in to say hello to you Soraya. I hope you are enjoying a blessed week.


  2. Glad your computer problems are fixed.


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