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5 jun. 2012

A Best Friend

A best friend is someone who is there for you through thick and thin.  They tell you like it is, always in love, and they pray for you and with you.

  They call you just to say “hi” and they check up on you when they know you’re struggling.  They share in your happiness and cry in your sorrow.  They give more than they take and they ask before you have to tell.

Over the years I’ve learned that who I thought were “friends” turned out to be something entirely different.  Some people want to be there only to have fun.  Some want to be there only when you need a “saviour”.  Some want to be there because they have nowhere else to be.

I’m so grateful that my true, loyal, best friend just happens to be a lady name ingrid..she nurser me in the faith..and was always there and even im married she is still there..she is the kind of person ...we just now she is and will be there

.  Throughout the years, she has shown me what I have not known for years…what it means to be a true friend.  God has put this lady in my life when everyone turn there back to me..when all things saw against me..she me..thank you are on my mind today dear friend 

and in thrue all  these  years..i have seen you grow too in you friend..

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  1. Very heart warming post. I love my best friend also. They seem to always brighten our days. I know she will always be there for me rain or shine. Your friend is very lucky to have you.


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